About Wayside Christian School

Thank you for your interest in Wayside Christian School. Wayside Christian School is located in Bucyrus, Ohio. Since 1973, WCS has enriched the lives of hundreds of families by providing quality private education based on traditional Christian values. Our students have come to us from over 35 area churches, including our home church, Wayside Chapel.
At Wayside, we are committed to the task of maximizing the potential of every student. We accomplish a great deal in our classes due to comfortable sizes, consistent discipline, and committed faculty. Our teachers see their ministry as an opportunity to serve the Lord by showing how to live a fulfilling life in Christ. Our goals include developing godly character traits, teaching the value of working with excellence, promoting patriotism, practicing good manners, and thinking from a Christian worldview as applied to all subject areas.
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History of WCS
Why Christian Education?
What We Believe