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Wayside Christian School is open to all families who agree to have their children educated according to the principles of our Philosophy of Education, and agree to support the rules, regulations, and policies set forth in our student handbook. 
As administration, faculty and staff, it is our privilege to partner with parents to train students in a biblical worldview. Education is something that extends beyond the classroom into the hallways and on the ball fields. We desire to provide biblically grounded academics in a safe, clean, wholesome and loving environment where the principals and promises of God’s Word are lived out and students are encouraged to know Jesus Christ. And, we are committed to providing an environment where children can grow educationally, physically, socially, and spiritually.
It is our desire that God will use the nurturing environment of Wayside Christian School to accomplish His work in the lives of each student and fulfill the school mission.
“Wayside Christian School exists to assist families in equipping students to achieve academic excellence, to make Biblically based decisions, and to exemplify and serve Jesus Christ.”
If you feel that WCS may be a good fit for your children, please fill out the New Family Questionnaire form by clicking on the link below and we will reach out to you in order to get the enrollment process started.
*Please note that the above form is for NEW students only. Students that are already enrolled in WCS will need to use the re-enrollment link in their GradeLink Dashboard.