Elementary School


About our Elementary School

Wayside Christian Elementary school houses our Pre-Kindergarten-6th grade. Class sizes are small, allowing more individual attention and opportunity to makes friends and become a part of the WCS family.


Your child will receive an education based on a strong foundation of academic skills. Our elementary curriculum stresses mastery in reading, writing, comprehension, math problem solving and scientific inquiry. Bible classes are taught daily at each grade level and chapel is held weekly. Our challenging academic program meets and exceeds state mandates and is presented in an environment where our Christian teachers present core curriculum through a biblical world view.
All of our Elementary students participate in enrichment opportunities in music, art, library, and field trips. Our 3rd-6th graders also have the opportunity to participate in the BCSO Elementary Fine Arts Competition at the end of each school year.

 Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to volunteer in their child’s classroom, attend special programs and be in close contact with their child’s teachers. You will have ample opportunity to be an integral part of the learning environment. Teachers send home a weekly folder intended to communicate individual progress, as well as a weekly communication from the school office.