Jr/Sr High School


At Wayside Christian school we believe that our 7th-12th grade program is best described by 3 words: Learn, Love, and Serve.


Our teachers strive to provide you and your children with a balanced approach to education. Your child will receive an education in the basic courses of Science, Social Studies, Math, and English. These courses line up with or exceed the state of Ohio graduation requirements. Your student will also be exposed to several supplemental courses as well: music, speech, technology, and language. We have been given the unique gift of being able to teach these courses from a Biblical point of view and our teachers work towards integrating a God-centered view into each lesson. God has gifted each student with the ability to learn, and we strive to teach your student how to use their minds to think, learn, and assess information.


God has told us that the greatest commandment is to “love God and love others.” In our efforts to display to students the love of God we have weekly chapels, daily guided devotional times, and one-on-one access to teachers who truly desire to see students excel and develop in Christ-likeness. As they learn their security in the love of God, they then can grow in their love for each other, and a ripple effect will occur.


Only when learning and loving have been addressed can true leadership through serving take place. Our students are encouraged to serve others by developing: a strong work ethic, diligence, and responsibility. We believe that these are characteristics that will help our students become successful individuals after they graduate from WCS.