About Wayside Christian School

Thank you for your interest in Wayside Christian School. Wayside Christian School is located in Bucyrus, Ohio. Since 1973, WCS has enriched the lives of hundreds of families by providing quality private education based on traditional Christian values. Our students have come to us from over 35 area churches, including our home church, Wayside Chapel.
At Wayside, we are committed to the task of maximizing the potential of every student. We accomplish a great deal in our classes due to comfortable sizes, consistent discipline, and committed faculty. Our teachers see their ministry as an opportunity to serve the Lord by showing how to live a fulfilling life in Christ. Our goals include developing godly character traits, teaching the value of working with excellence, promoting patriotism, practicing good manners, and thinking from a Christian worldview as applied to all subject areas.
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At A Glance

Academics from a Biblical Worldview
ABEKA Curriculum
Student Teacher Ratio
15 to 1
Average across homerooms K5-12
Years of Experience
Founded in 1973
Average Annual Tuition Paid Per Student
Average between elementary and high school rates after discounts and financial aid.
Discounts for NEW Families
30% Off First Year
15% Off Second Year
Discount for families with multiple children attending WCS also available.
Grade Levels Offered
K4-K5 are available as half-day or full-day


WCS strives to offer the highest quality academics that challenge students of all ages to develop both academically and spiritually. Beginning in K3 students enjoy a full range of related arts instruction including music, art, library and physical education. Classes at WCS are taught from a Biblical worldview and are designed to enhance and engage students in learning while challenging them to think critically. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for entrance into college and to be Christian leaders who impact their world for Christ.


WCS is a traditional education Kindergarten through grade 12 school. It is our desire to partner with Bible-believing families in educating students to be well equipped for life: academically, spiritually, and socially.


WCS is excited to be able to offer soccer and basketball for boys and volleyball and basketball for girls 7th grade and up. Students in 5th and 6th grade are also able to participate on our sports teams. As a member of BCSO (Buckeye Christian School Organization) our students compete against other Christian schools in the area and have the opportunity to be a part of the BCSO state tournament at the end of each sports season.
It is our goal to use athletics to help teach our students excellence, godly character, and sportsmanship. We believe that an athletic program should not be so narrowly focused on winning that Christian values are lost. Our coaches, while seeking to develop each athletes athletic skills, are also focused on helping each athlete learn how to use the abilities that he/she has been given for the glory of God.

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Fine Arts & Robotics

The fine arts program at Wayside Christian School is a well-rounded program that enhances the overall atmosphere of the school while developing the natural gifts, talents and abilities of the students. We have a four octave hand bell set that is played by various groups in the 7th-12th grades. We also have a three octave hand chime choir that our 3rd-6th graders play in which they learn some foundations of music and are able to apply those skills and knowledge immediately. We have both an elementary and a high school choir. Students learn the fundamentals of singing early in elementary and then apply advanced techniques as they move up to the high school level. There are many opportunities for them to sing throughout the year.
  Students also have the opportunity, every other spring, to use their talents in a number of other categories, including art, photography, wood working, metal working, speech, and drama at the BCSO State Fine Arts Competition. Those who win at the state level are eligible to compete at the AACS National Competition, which takes place at Bob Jones University.
Over the last couple of years, WCS has been able to make available a robotics club to the 7th-12th grade students. In robotics, students are able to use math, coding, and engineering skills to build robots that can complete various tasks. The robotics club is able to compete at the National Robotics Challenge held each spring in Marion, OH. To create a competition-ready robot, students use a number of soft and hard STEM skills. Creativity and problem-solving are essential in building a ‘bot that can complete obstacles. The robotics club is an optional extra-curricular activity that meets 1-2 times a week after school during a portion of the school year.